Giorga Rojas: Painter

Monday, December 26, 2016

As we arrived at Giorgia´s home, we found a colorful studio packed with paints. Leading us through the place, she shows us her work and the stunning creations that she has been doing since she left Italy and moved to New York, five years ago. Painting is the way Giorgia gives voice to her soul and meaning of her life.

¿Why did you move to New York? ¿How hard it was?

I always wanted to move abroad and live that experience, and New York was the Dream! I moved here when I was 26 years old, I had just met my future husband. He was living here, I visited the city for a couple of months and I decided that I wanted to go for it. The energy, the vibe, everything was so fast and new and I wanted to discover it all. I wasn't scared, I was super excited and positive, I knew it was going to be one of the most important choices of my life and that it would be a great experience.

¿How did you realize that believing in art was important and when did you decide to dedicate your life to it?

Well I attended Painting at The Fine Art Academy in Rome, so I think there is where I started realizing maybe I could make a living out of it, and since then I decided to dedicate my life to it every day, it's, I guess a natural choice, this doesn't mean it's not a struggle.

¿What are you doing now?

This year luckily I had a lot going on. I was super busy preparing a show in La Habana, Cuba and I moved there for a few months. There I had the luck to meet artists and intellectuals like Miguel Barnet, Pablo A and Fernandez Choco, asking them about their culture, religion about music and art. I was totally driven by the energy of the place, that influenced my work a lot I think. I mainly use color to express myself in my paintings. The symbols, the strokes the shapes that I use are telling my stories through a range of figurative and natural subjects. Since three years now, I am working for the Italian artist and designer Gaetano Pesce. This as well influenced my research and my work for sure. I have the luck to learn a lot every day from one of the most creative men that I know and for the experience with a lot of different and different methods, techniques and materials.

¿What has been the most difficult step?

I suppose the most difficult thing was leaving my life back home... My friends my family and yes obviously, I am Italian, so I can be very picky about food but luckily this is no big deal here, in New York, you can find almost everything anytime.

¿How far have you got in achieving the goals that brought you here?

I have achieved some of the goals that I had but I think is healthy always to search for new goals, continue going, dreaming for the ones we haven’t reached yet.

¿If you had the chance, would you change anything you have done?

No, I wouldn't change anything that I have done.

¿Which is your advice for new artists wanting to take the risks in the pursuance of their passion?

Just go for it... ¡Pack your bags and leave!

If I say 'fireescape' ¿what does it make you think about?

Well, the fire escape has always made me think about the city, its an icon. I see it as a very strong architectural element that's always present in New York and it  helps gives character.

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