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Marina Oriente was born in São Paulo, Brazil​, she moved​​ to New York to finish her degree at The New School. ​Her nomadic past, along with the new experiences​ in ​t​h​is vibrant and multicultural ​city​,​ continue to inspire Marina to develop her work, ​and expand her understandig of the body, what it is to be a woman in 21st Century, and the power of freedom and difference. Using films, photos, music, craft and art, she navegates this world and explores the behavior of our society. 

In your photos and videos you talk about female and body. ¿Why? 

I feel the body is an extension of us in every way. There is no illusion of separation like mind and body. The body is temporary and decaying everyday, it is so alive but it is also dying every second. The brain and the body are in constant flux. The only constant in life is change. If our mind is sick, so is our body, if our body is healthy, the mind follows. We live in times where this inherent knowledge is being lost, the increased use of technology and the ego feeds this illusion of separation, competition, the I, the mine. People are living virtual realities and forgetting about their bodies; the body is what allows us to communicate and express ourselves, and it is what enables us to experience life in this dimension. I feel like we need to reconnect with that essence, with unity. Exploring the femininity thru my work is in a way exploring my own ideas of being a woman and it relates directly to the body. It's about acceptance, honoring the natural, the organic, and inherently there is the idea of taking back control over the female body, from hundreds of years of abuse from the oppressive male gaze, and the commercial and demoralizing mainstream media.

Why you chose arts as a way to lifestyle?

I don't really know if it is we who chose art or art chooses us. I just have a very eager nature to express myself and create things that reflect my inner state of being by any means necessary, may it by dance, photography, film, music, poems, paintings... For me it is a way of life because if I stop doing it, I feel dead inside. We all are creative beings; it is how we came into being.

Which had been the most difficult step living in this city as an artist, human, and dreamer?

New York is a wonderful city but it is also very demanding. There is a heavy atmosphere here, everybody is trying to 'make it', everyone is trying too hard, everyone is too busy all the time, and again, often neglecting their most basic needs like eating, drinking water, taking a minute to breath, contemplate, meditate. People are running around like crazy, in a rat race of some sort, and this is not healthy for the individual as well as for the collective. A lot of dreams come true here that's for sure, but also so many dreams are crushed by ignorance, and by greed. People step on others just so they can shine alone, it's again that idea of the ego and separation coming forward, whereas I think we should be moving in another direction, much more collaborative and community driven.

Which it's your advice for that new artist that wants to jump to the emptiness and take the risk for new adventures following their passion?

Keep following your heart. Try to quiet the busy mind and the thoughts that are screaming at you, and listen to that soft inner voice that is trying to speak, but is yet too shy; give yourself space. Do not be afraid of taking chances, you will only grow from taking chances. Even if the outcome is not as expected, you will grow from it. Move away from your comfort zone, try new things, learn with the mistakes and keep a positive attitude about yourself.

If I say 'fireEscape' what do you think about?

New York. Underground.

Which is the song that makes you remember New York? “Your own soundtrack of the city” 

JAZZ. Take the A Train; Ella & Duke's version is dank.

Which is the best place to eat and what I should order?

My favorite spot to eat is in my neighborhood, in Brooklyn, off Central Ave, on Willoughby and Myrtle, I never knew the name but it's the best burrito in town. It's a little Mexican deli, a hidden gem, they are the homies, they give us free chips with a delicious spicy green salsa, and we can have beer inside for true price. Order a veggie burrito with mushrooms; it's my favorite one.

What would you do on a sunny Sunday in New York?

Wake up to the sound of jazz, have brunch like breakfast in or out, bike around to some park, lay in the sun, read a book, play some guitar, or I would also definitely go to Rockaway Beach, I love it there.

The song we used in the video was created by Marina 
"Happy Mama's Day".

If you wanna know about her work check here.

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