Malaika Haaning: Fashion designer

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Malaika Haaning is the founder and creative director behind the brand  Malaika. She graduated from Parsons School of Design where she started to believe in the importance of sustainability and therefore wanted to incorporate it into her brand, which she launched just months after graduating. The brand Malaika is a sustainable season less ready-to-wear clothing line that focus on streetwear mainly tops, jackets & Coats. The brand keeps sustainability in mind for every step they take. They make garments with zero waste patterns, up-cycle production scarps and for each garment sold tree is planted in the 'Canopy project' in East Africa, plus a percentage of the money from their Zero pink vest goes to cancer research.

What is 'Malaika'?

Is a minimalistic and futuristic Scandinavian apparel brand with focus on sustainable, high-quality garments and accessories. Everything is produced locally in New York to maintain quality and standards, but also to support the US garment industry. MALAIKA strives to be sustainable by minimizing waste, and recycling fabrics/plastics back into our designs. 

Why did you choose arts as a way of lifestyle?

I choose working with fashion design after years of working in international logistics because I finally wanted to follow my dream of creating. I wanted to do what I loved. Designing & creating has always been a passion as far back as I can remember and I want to sit back, 80 years old, and be happy with my choices in life.

Which had been the most difficult step living in this city as entrepreneur women?  

I don’t feel like I have had any as of now.

Which is your advice for that new artist that wants to jump to the emptiness and take the risk for new adventures following their dreams?

Go for it! If you have the discipline of keeping yourself busy knowing it is 7 days a week. 

Which is your favorite fashion designer? 

Which is your favorite restaurant in NYC? 

Niu’, they have the best ramen noodles in town!

What means ‘Fireescape’ for you?

For me the word ‘Fireescape’ mean a way to escape the earth. Climate change is real and therefore I hope when times comes and we have destroyed the earth that we will have some kind of a fire-escape up in the sky.

If you wanna know about MALAIKA work check here.
instagram - @malaika_new_york 

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