Sunday, August 20, 2017

Ayaka is a jewelry designer based in New York, has been in the United States for eleven years and for the last nine years has developed her own brand inspired by nature and all its elements. Her studio in East Village is a magical place full of fossils, insects and dazzling pieces, each with a unique characteristic, in addition to its brand, Ayaka gives classes of manual jewelry to all the dreaming souls who live and believe in arts.

How long have you been here in New York?

11 years.

How did you realize that believing in art was important and when did you decide to dedicate your life to it?

I was always liked and enjoyed creative field like drawing, playing music, writing and jewelry since I was child. My mother was Floral Designer so naturally I'm getting appreciate Design and Art.

Why did you move to New York?

I wanted study Jewelry Design at F.I.T.(New York Fashion Institute of Technology) but I really had to work improving my English because wasn't my native language and i didn't  had enough knowledge at that time.

What has been the most difficult step?
To build brand structure, making jewelry is not so difficult; It was fun part but to organize brand as a business, it is difficult, I tried many things and learned from my experience.

How far have you got in achieving the goals that brought you here?
My dream was making my living with what I like so I achieve that goal but I always follow next step dream.

If you had the chance, would you change anything you have done?
I don't regret anything from my past, every mistakes were necessary to make myself.

Have you had to work doing anything you don't feel comfortable with?

When I worked as a Web Designer in Japan, I was exhausted to design commercial design.

Which is your advice for new artists wanting to take the risks in the pursuance of their passion?
Enjoy what you like, don't be afraid and try, don't make you too busy, you always need to stop and think what you really want.

If you wanna know about AYAKA work check here.

web: www.ayakanishi.com

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