Do you love New York? Are you interested in sustainable fashion? Would you like to meet entrepreneurs who have chosen New York as their place to start up? Welcome to Fire Escape NYC! Here you will find fashion, style and artist.

To step outside of our comfort zone and arrive in New York are, certainly, two things that require courage, passion or simply willingness to live new adventures. That is why in our section #PEOPLE you will discover artist that have chosen this city as their place to develop their talent.

Dressing cool without exhausting Earth’s resources and follow consumption oriented currents is possible! In #FIRESTYLE we give you the best ideas to upcycling old things and create your own style.

In #NEXTSTOP we use the subway as the thread to discover that every corner has its own language to define itself, one to be interpreted through the clothes worn by the passengers.


Since we were children, we’ve relied on destiny, believed that beyond what is visible there is a magical interpretation on life, an unaccountable energy causing fanciful encounters. Well, by a twist of fate, Lorena, Ariadna y Alba met in New York: our Fire Escape.

Inspired day by day by the city, in this blog we pay tribute to those who work for the development of arts, those who take the risk of undertaking new paths, those who choose dressing with their own style, keeping sustainability always in mind.



All the people that appear in the photos of our blog have given their explicit consent. If you are one of them and you have changed your mind, just tell us and we will remove the photo. Thank you for making Fire Escape possible! 




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